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Shiatsu and Reflexology is a finger pressure massage technique used in Chinese Medicine.  Combinations of these two are used.

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The Benefits are:

  • Deep muscle and tissue relaxation
  • Stress reduction and management
  • Releases toxin from the body
  • Disease preventative
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved Blood circulation
  • Reduces blood pressureshiatsu
  • Reduces mental anxieties
  • Balances chi
  • Calms nervousness
  • Increases mental and spiritual awareness
  • It feels great!!  



Shiatsu is a relaxing treatment that can be beneficial for stress, back pain, headaches, neck stiffness, joint pain, reduced mobility, whiplash injuries, sports injuries or more!

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning ‘finger pressure’. Therapy is given on a futon mat on the floor. No oils or creams are used so you don’t need to remove your clothes.


To maintain good health and help ward of illness, Shiatsu uses manipulative techniques and hand pressure to correct the imbalances of the body. The prevention and recovery of illnesses is promoted by stimulating the immune system.


Most of us fall into the category of “half-healthy” people – in other words, our condition is not completely balanced. We may be liable to colds or stomach upsets, or get moody and depressed. For such “half-healthy” people or simply as a preventive against sickness, Shiatsu is the ideal remedy. It involves no drastic intervention in the body process, since it simply rebalances the chi so that the body can heal itself. . . this is achieved through different variances of pressure and stretching applied to the body’s meridians and energy channels.


Shiatsu holistically awakens the body’s chi, leaving one feeling vitalized having tapped into their energetic life force.



Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that works on many levels, soothing, calming, balancing and boosting your entire body.

As a therapy reflexology is not invasive- only the feet, and / or hands are worked. It is deeply relaxing yet surprisingly energizing - all part of its balancing capacity. You may feel you are being pampered during a reflexology session but do not underestimate the powerful effects this treatment can have on all of your body systems.

All body systems benefit from reflexology but you may notice the affect on your circulation, nervous and lymphatic systems in particular.  Research in these areas supports these facts.

Reflexology can address your particular needs
painful, congested, sluggish or overactive states within the body can be balanced and normalised.

Thousands of documented case studies from around the world have demonstrated the benefits for:

- High Blood Pressure


-   Colic      

 -   Sinus 

-   Menopause 

-   Sciatica   

-   Shoulder Pain



- Stroke

- Back Pain

- Menstrual Irregularities

- Neck Pain 

- Constipation/Diarrhoea

- Migraine 









Massage for Women 

Traditional massage using oil for the relief of muscle pain and stress.


Estelle combines traditional massage with shiatsu which gives excellent results - is very relaxing - releases stress and restores energy. 




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